What’s new for 2015

We’ve been adding new recipes and menus every year and now have a pretty big selection. We’ve been told many times that having such a big choice and being very flexible with the menus is what makes our classes so attractive. For us it’s fun to do something different each time so we’re more than happy to have special requests for menus and for you to mix and match your menu selections. This coming year there are no set menus at all but an open choice from each section of appetisers, primi piatti, secondi and desserts.

We’re currently experimenting with a local favourite which is Cinghiale … Wild Boar. We’re planning on adding this as a special menu choice in the form of a ragù. It makes for a rich tasty ragù which we’ll combine with the local pappardelle pasta (home made by you of course!). I’ll add photos and more on this once we’re ready with the recipe.

The new site will be phone and tablet friendly which is a must in 2015!






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