Tailor Made Weekend Retreats


Four days of gentle activities designed to relax mind and body in a beautiful hilltop setting in the Tuscan countryside and the medieval town of Siena. Yoga under an early morning sun, walks in the local parks and woods, learn how to make healthy tasty traditional Italian dishes, taste local wines and food delicacies.. you tell us what helps you relax the most and we’ll tailor make a weekend for you.

You’ll be based in a beautiful agriturismo, half an hour south of Siena in the midst of the rolling hills of Tuscany, overlooking the splendid Unesco World Heritage Orcia Valley.

You’ll have a typical Tuscan style apartment or bedroom depending on your choice for accommodation.
The meals will be typical Italian but with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and healthy. We’re in an area with great vegetables and fruit, as well as local meats and cheeses.

If you’re interested in cooking you can participate in a lesson or two while you’re here. We’ll also introduce you to some of the different healthy living styles and ways of eating that promote energy and wellbeing.

All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, will be included in your package.

You can choose from our selection of Activities listed below and then we’ll create a weekend specially for you:

Yoga – we have experienced yoga instructors and the sessions are for all ages and all levels of yoga practitioners. Through this practice, the body gains more elasticity, tonicity, strengthens muscles, and in doing so also mental strength.

Cooking Lessons – Our Cooking Lessons concentrate on producing and promoting healthy balanced and nutritious meals. We pride ourselves on using good quality ingredients, local products and vegetables and fruit in season.

We aim to teach you something about the Italian cuisine, and more especially the Tuscan cuisine and its importance in the local culture.

We work through recipes with you that you will be more than capable of reproducing back home after your holiday, but which will surprise and delight your family and future dinner guests with their full flavours and interesting combinations.

We’ll also introduce you to some of the different healthy living styles and ways of eating that promote energy and wellbeing

Walking – we’re located along the famous pilgrimage route called the Francigena that runs through Italy and finishes in Rome. If you like the open air then you could do a section or two of this idyllic route while you’re here. If you fancy something less strenuous there are plenty of other short walks in the area.

Wine Tasting – Visit the local wine cellars where we will introduce you to the Rosso di Montalcino, Super Tuscan and Brunello, all typical wines from this area. Learn how the wine is made and aged and then taste a selection of the wines.

Photography – the area lends itself to all sorts of photographic opportunities .. landscape, people, architecture, food .. whether you’re a beginner looking to pick up some photography skills to improve your travel photos, or more advanced looking for new inspiration we can take you to great locations and help you with many aspects of travel, food and street photography. travel photos, or more advanced looking for new inspiration we can take you to great locations and help you with many aspects of travel, food and street photography.

Workshop Nature at your fingertips – a two hour workshop dedicated to creativity in the world of herbal and natural cosmetics, based on the ancient Etruscan remedies and recipes. The workshop also includes the elaboration of gold according to Etruscan traditions.

Massage/Treatments – enjoy beauty treatments in the comfort of your room or visit the local salon for a range of relaxing massages and body wellness.

Italian Language Lessons
How do you say chopping board in Italian? And do you know how to say Cut/Chop/Boil/Bake? Who was the first to introduce forks to the table?

Practice Italian in the kitchen with Chiara’s special lesson focusing on learning cooking vocabulary, Italian cuisine and food culture while making your own hand-made choice of foods under expert guidance of our skilled local cook

A fun activity in preparation for your cooking class with Lesley

An example weekend  program could be as follows:


Arrival and settle into your room: from mid afternoon onwards

Yoga welcome lesson: 18:00-19:00

Aperitivo  with Welcome Dinner  19:30


Buffet Breakfast 8:00 – 09:15

Yoga 9.30 – 10:30

Relax Free Time 10;30 – 12,30

Lunch light in Villa 12,30

Cooking Lesson combined with Italian Lesson – Fun Italian lesson:
all you need to know in the kitchen and healthy cooking class with ingredients from the region 17:00 – 20:00 (40 minutes Italian + cooking)

Dinner with dishes from cooking lesson 20:00


Buffet Breakfast 8:00 – 09:15

Yoga 09,30 – 10:30

Workshop – Nature in a Basket – Siena

11:00 –  13:00

Lunch light in Siena  13:30

Relax free time shopping/Sightseeing in Siena 15:00 – 17:00

 Yoga lesson 2 18:00 – 19:00

 Dinner in Villa 20:00


Buffet Breakfast and Departure 08:00 – 09:15

So let us know what would be an ideal weekend for you and we’ll tailor make it accordingly.

For more information please contact us