Stuffed Zucchini


So my third recipe in the zucchini series is Stuffed Zucchini. This was super tasty. I used fresh Italian sausage, chopped zucchini, plus salt and pepper to season. Mix everything together and fry in extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes (I added a little water to keep everything soft). With the zucchini slice lengthwise and scrape out a little of the middle leaving a quarter centimeter edge all round. Place in a baking tray, fill with cooked filling, add a little soft cheese of your preference, cover lightly with baking paper add put in a pre-warmed oven 180° for twenty minutes. Serve warm from the oven.


Photographs were taken pre-cooked. A long long time spent arranging and photographing for an overhead shot but I eventually reverted to my usual style and much prefer the last shot I took which is the top photo here.