Food Photography & Styling

So I needed to take a new photo of the Crostini with Sausage and Cheese for the web site and with my current mission to improve my food photography I set about styling the food and playing with light. I found a board that I liked, prepared the food and set up on my terrace table. I tried so many different arrangements but nothing struck me as quite right.

Food Photography

Food Photography – Crostini con Salsiccia

I used a foil tart tin to be a reflector and that aspect was surprisingly satisfying. Working remotely via the ipad to take the photos I did have enough hands to stand with my “reflector” and move the natural light where it needed to be.

Half way through I got very frustrated and started eating the crostini! After that I actually started to like my shots, adding in a crust, some crumbs and then playing with the position of the cheese and tomatoes until I finally got the photo above. It’s far from perfect but I think I got good light and you get the idea of what there is to eat.

I’m voraciously reading blogs and photography web sites for information about food photography and have come across two great ones so far: – Australian photographer Rachel who takes amazing photos and has endless tips and info for people looking to improve on their food photography.

I’m putting together the styling kit Rachel recommends and pieces are already proving essential .. tweezers, brushes and so on. For major camera kit items my shopping list this week includes a new Macro Lens and an arm for the tripod for overhead shots. – membership club on facebook (plus web site above) – lots of excellent feedback and information here too.

I’ve got White Balance on my list of technical aspects to study and learn – a great article and videos from this Club from Cristina for that.

It’s a steep learning curve for this aspect of photography but I’m loving it!