September … sunshine and jam making!

After a wet and slow summer September is looking to be sunny and busy which is all good. Time to use the late season tomatoes to make jam and “passata” and to use the last of the basil to make portions of pesto to conserve for later in the year.

My first attempts at conserving and preserving tomatoes last autumn had me surfing the web for tips and recipes. I found a superb web site that I know I’ll be going back to time and again:

Check this out if you’ve got a good crop of tomatoes and don’t know what to do with them. I tried everything other than the drying method. I especially recommend the cherry tomato jam. Everyone i gave it to asked when there would be more! Here in Tuscany it’s very common to have marmalades or honey with the local pecorino (sheeps cheese) and this jam is perfect for that.


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