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I live here in Tuscany and have been here for fourteen years. It’s a stones throw from Montalcino but my nearest hub is actually a place nobody has ever heard of, called Buonconvento. Population of approx. 3000. Sits on the Via Cassia, the old main road between Siena and Rome.

One of my favourite features is the local butcher run by the Orlandi family which you can find on Via Roma. The meat is excellent quality but the best value for money as far as I’m concerned are the ready prepared meals. We’re not talking processed food .. far from it. It’s things like juicy chicken breasts that have been marinaded in herbs and spices, ready to grill, or the home made meat ragù that you can use for your lasagna.

So if you’re staying in this area and are planning a meal or too in the comfort of your villa this is the place to shop. You can even get your eggs, some local cheeses and other local specialities here.

Another aspect that they’re pursuing and having a huge success with is a roving BBQ – the classic Ape “car” has been converted to house a custom BBQ/Grill and they’ll arrive at your place and cook their meat for you on site. What a fab way to host a dinner party!


You can find them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BRACIAPE/

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